Improve hotel efficiency and productivity. Enhance guest experience.

HMobile provides employees with a set of tools and centralises hotel information through multiple integrations for:

Optimise work processes by facilitating organisation and collaboration.

Enhance the guest experience at the hotel.


Solutions for Hotels and Hotel Groups

HMobile One

Comprehensive operational solution

For hotels that want a transversal solution that addresses the hotel's operations in a comprehensive manner, including all departments and functional areas.

HMobile Corporate

Supervision of all Group’s hotels

For Hotel Groups that want to control and improve what happens in their hotels, ensuring compliance with quality standards.


Customized Accompaniment Plan

We know that change is not easy, but we have the experience of accompanying hundreds of hotels through it.

Stage 1

Startup and Initial Launch

Change Management and Implementation Coordination.

Customized Solution Configuration.

Training for All Users.

Stage 2

Detailed Monitoring of Initial Use

Monitoring to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

Addressing initial doubts and questions.

Stage 3

Getting the most out of it throughout life

Additional training for maximizing benefit or due to staff rotation.

Detailed reports on solution usage.

Support service for all users.


We integrate HMobile with the rest of the hotel's systems and equipment for:

Facilitate the work of the staff to take advantage of existing information.

Centralize the information that is scattered throughout the hotel.

Maximize the profitability of the hotel's equipment.

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We base our solutions on a set of interconnected tools

Hundreds of hotels and hotel groups organise their daily operations with HMobile

HMobile is the leading hotel operations software platform in Spain, with customers all over the world.


Room cleaning managed daily.


Requests for services and tasks managed last year.


Hotel employees working as a team.


Of the LHW Hotels in Spain use HMobile Staff to manage their operations.

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