Novedad Registra y controla los consumos de sábanas, tollas y amenities de manera sencilla.

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HMobile - Management

Your hotel operations uncovered, in real time and through detailed reports

Save time and money by coordinating the work of all departments.

Ensures the quality of care offered to the guest.

The status of the hotel in the palm of your hand in real time.

Traceability. Customised reports for continuous improvement.

Hundreds of hotel managers rely on HMobile to organise and improve hotel operations.

Beneficios for Management

Make the coordination between different people and departments much easier

HMobile helps each department to streamline their workflows, and facilitates collaboration between them by improving communication.

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Ensures the quality offered to guests

Standardised processes, visibility, traceability, notifications and so on. All this will help you deliver the quality you want for your guests, and they will appreciate it.

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Save time and money

Saves up to 15% of the time of different departments by streamlining processes, reducing calls, avoiding interruptions, etc.

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The status of the hotel in the palm of your hand in real timel

Check the status of the hotel from anywhere, and receive notifications of customer complaints or other situations you want.

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Traceability. Customised reports for continuous improvement

Response times to customer requests, complaints and claims, room preparation times, most common maintenance tasks... Have more information to analyse the hotel's operations together with your teams.

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Feature list for the Management Department

HMobile integrates with over 150 PMS to streamline daily operations

HMobile is the leading hotel operations software platform in Spain, with customers all over the world.


Room cleaning managed daily.


Requests for services and tasks managed last year.


Hotel employees working as a team.


Of the LHW Hotels in Spain use HMobile Staff to manage their operations.

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