New Easily records and controls consumption of linen, amenities and other consumables.

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No need for a mobile phone for the waitresses. We help you in the whole process of configuration and operational change.I want to know more

HMobile Housekeeping

Saves time and speeds up room preparation

Plan and assign in 15 minutes.

View and modify room status from anywhere in the hotel.

Eliminate continuous phone calls and interruptions.

Records and controls the consumption of bed linen, towels and amenities.

Get cleaning statistics.

Plan and assign in 15 minutes.

View and modify room status from anywhere in the hotel.

Eliminate continuous phone calls and interruptions.

Get cleaning statistics.

+100.000Room cleaning managed daily

Main Benefits

HMobile Housekeeping Reduce Tiempos Icon

Reduces room preparation time

HMobile Housekeeping Optimiza Tiempos Icon

Optimizes the HSK Managers and supervistors time and movements

HMobile Housekeeping Elimina Llamadas Icon

Eliminate continuous calls and interruption

HMobile Housekeeping Revisión Icon

Easily review room, guest, and pending work information

HMobile Housekeeping Estadísticas Icon

Obtain time statistics for room preparation

HMobile Housekeeping Reducción Papel Icon

No need to print. Reduce paper use

Save the HSK Manager and supervisors between 10% - 15% of their time by reducing phone calls, unnecessary walking around the hotel, interruptions, etc.

Calculate the time and cost savings you can have in your hotel

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HMobile Housekeeping

2 complementary modules for faster room preparation


Daily work planning and allocation in 20 minutes.

Room Status

Monitoring and validation of room cleaning, saving time and displacements.


Linen and amenities management

Register and control the consumption of sheets, towels and amenities in a simple way.

Experience and Cycle of Use

HMobile Housekeeping Organización Image

Housekeeping manager

Organization and prioritizing

Organize and prioritize the cleaning and preparation of rooms and the rest of the hotel from a single screen. Information on the condition of the rooms, departures, arrivals, booking options, guest requests...​

HMobile Housekeeping Asignación habitaciones Ilustration

Housekeeping manager

Room and area assignment

Automatically assigns rooms to the Housekeeping staff correctly and easily.

HMobile Housekeeping Seguimiento Ilustration

Floor Supervisor

Monitoring and supervision

Track the cleaning progress from anywhere in the hotel.

Receive warnings for urgent room requirements in case of unforeseen events and prioritize cleaning.

HMobile Housekeeping Validation Ilustration

Floor Supervisor

Room confirmation

Always know what rooms are pending validation, which helps to speed up the work flow.

Validate the room at once with a click, or assign it as "pending verification"

HMobile Housekeeping Comunication Ilustration

Housekeeping manager

Communication with Front-Desk

Update in real time the information in the PMS for the Front-Office, and send a notification to the guest in the case they were waiting.

How it Works?

Very simple to use and easy to learn, you will be able to take advantage of it from the first day.

Do you want to know about the use and benefits? Contact us and one of our team will explain it to you without any obligation.

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Take a look at our videos and other resources to understand how it works better and to see what benefits it can bring to your hotel HMobile HOUSEKEEPING

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I am very happy with HMobile Housekeeping, it has freed me from work, and communication with reception is much more fluid

Head of Housekeeping

Tryp Jerez
ADH Hoteles

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HMobile is the main hotel operations software platform in Spain, and has clients from all over the world.


Room cleaning managed daily.


Requests for services and tasks managed in the last year.


Hotel employees working as a team.


LHW hotels in Spain use HMobile to manage their operations.

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