Updates | Version 2.5

In HMobile we are always looking for new ways to help the hotel team work in a  more coordinated and efficient way, providing excellent service to their guests. Let us present the latest features that we have incorporated into our tools.

1. Housekeeping time and workload reports

Obtain reports of cleaning times and workload performed by each waitress, real times dedicated to each type of room, etc.

2. Plan and assign daily cleaning work in 3 easy steps

The new Housekeeping planning module helps you spend less time on the daily room cleaning allowance while facilitating the balanced distribution of workload among all the maids.

3. Faster Minibars supervision from RoomStatus.

Now the supervisors, without having to leave the houskeeping module, will be able to see the minibus status of each room, launch requests for urgent revision to the minibar staff and receive notifications when they have been completed.

4. Other improvements

4.1. Services APK: When creating new Services from the APK, as we are already doing from the web, the existing requests for that same room are shown to avoid duplicating jobs.

4.2. Services WEB y APK: Now you can mark a request as “client arrival” to give it higher priority.

busqueda dependencia en room status

4.3. Room Status Web: Simpler the search for a specific room. A search field has been added that allows you to enter a room number and it immediately shows the status of the room.

busqueda dependencia en room status

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