Updates | Version 2.7.

In HMobile we are always looking for new ways to help the hotel team to work in a more coordinated and efficient way and to provide excellent service to guests. Let us present the latest features that we have incorporated into our tools .

1. New HGuest Module

If you already have our Services module you can ask us, free of charge, to activate the HGUEST module.

With HGUEST you can provide your hotel guests an additional communication channel, so that they can request services or report incidents directly from their mobile phones. These requests will arrive directly, as a Service task, to the staff in charge of solving them. Providing more comfort to the guest, reducing response times and avoiding calls.

To find out more you have more information on our website at:

If you would like us to activate HGUEST for your hotel free of charge, please contact us through our support

2. Creation of tasks for multiple rooms

Now it is possible to create service requests for more than one room at the same time…:

3. New easier and more powerful setup options.

We have improved the Services configuration section so that:

1. It is possible to organise the categories of requests on more levels. This will allow users to more easily find the right request when they want to create new requests and will make Services reports more powerful.

2. You can check at a glance permissions and roles for users and quickly modify them.

4. New configuration of rooms and areas with several levels.

It is now possible to introduce the structure of hotel rooms and areas with more than one level of hierarchy. This will allow you to define with more detail the real structure of your hotel (buildings, floors, corridors) to be able to use it later in all modules (Room Status, Services, Periodic Tasks, etc). In addition, you could also import a list of rooms and areas from Excel.

5. New user management, more powerful and easy.

We have improved the user management section to enable faster and easier management of the system’s users. Some examples of the improvements introduced:

1. It allows you to create new users by duplicating existing ones. In this way, you can create new users with the same privileges as an existing one in a very quick and easy way.

2. Allows you to import users from an excel sheet, allowing quick loading of many users at once.

You can see more details on how to use the new configuration in the following document:
Download User Guide

6. Report bed line change from your mobile

Until now, only Housekeepers supervisors could update the bed linen change indicator. Now it can also be modified from their mobile phones by the Room Attendants to indicate whether or not they have changed bed linen.

To find out more, watch our video or download the Bed line Changing Manual:
Download User Guide

7. Adding rooms to the daytime housekeeping schedule

Sometimes it is necessary to add rooms that change to dirty during the day to the current planning. It is now possible to add these rooms to the planning without closing it and re-planning all again. At the moment you can only do this in the DESKTOP web version, in future versions you will also be able to do it from your mobile phone.

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