Updates | Version 2.6.

We continue working to help you in your work. We present the improvements that we have incorporated into our tools.

1. Facilities to control the change of sheets

1. Define sheets change rules every X days of stay of the client of the room.

2. Check the information that is automatically displayed for sheet change on the WEB, on the APP and in the printed parts for maids.

3. You have the flexibility to mark change of sheets manually.

4. View the sheets change information in the work time reports.

2. Day closing mail report

Receive an email every day with a summary of the state of cleanliness and occupancy of the hotel rooms.

3. Set an automatic change time from one state to another.

For example, define “Disinfected” state used to indicate that a disinfection has been carried out and that in 4 hours it automatically changes to “Clean”.

4. Pre-assign Scheduled Tasks

Choose the user to which a Scheduled Task will be automatically assigned.

5. Schedule a paused task to “launch” again on a specific date.

Now you can indicate when you want a task execution to start again when pausing it. For example, indicating to launch on the day of departure of the current guest.

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