New Easily records and controls consumption of linen, amenities and other consumables.

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100% flexibility, we help you to adapt it to the needs of your hotel.

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HMobile Services

Boost collaboration and improve execution times for all types of hotel tasks

Amenities, breakdowns, customer requests, room services...

All departments of the hotel working in a coordinated manner.

No paper, no calls, no interruptions, no misunderstandings.

Traceability and reporting of all tasks.

Amenities, breakdowns, customer requests, room services...

All departments of the hotel working in a coordinated manner.

No paper, no calls, no interruptions, no misunderstandings.

Traceability and reporting of all tasks.

+3.000.000Requests for services and tasks handled in the last year.

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Coordinate the employees and departments of your hotel. Improve quality and efficiency when resolving maintenance problems and customer requests. Coordinate the people and departments of the hotel.

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Respond quickly to
customer requests

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Room Services: orders, trays collected, dishes, kettel, ice …

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Housekeeping: amenities, iron, pillow, cot, shaving kit …

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Reception: charger, alarm clock, luggage, external restaurant reservation…

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Helps solve maintenance
problems and incidents

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Technical Services: room plugs, air conditioning, faults, door, TV remote control, light, telephone…

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Reception: projection table lectern, platform, office supplies, internet conexion…

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There are hundreds of predefined tasks and categories that you can customise to your hotel needs.

Main Benefits

HMobile Services Beneficio Elimina Llamadas

Eliminates unnecessary calls and interruptions

HMobile Services Beneficios Garantiza

Ensures all tasks and requests are carried out

HMobile Services Beneficios Tiempo Respuesta

Improve response times

HMobile Services Beneficios Averias

Solve problems before they are detected by a customer

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Track requests: managers. situation and times

HMobile Services Beneficios Tiempos

Time measurement for process improvement

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Daily, weekly and monthly reports

HMobile Services Beneficios Imprimir

No need to print. Reduce paper use

Save between 25% - 35% of the time spent by supervisors and department managers to coordinate and monitor tasks and requests being carried out.

Calculate the time and cost savings you can have in your hotel

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Experience and Cycle of Use

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Guest Requests

It connects guests with the hotel staff and systems, making it easier for them to make requests from the moment they book, whatever way they want (App, web, phone, voice ...)

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Hotel Staff

Incidents and internal work

Manages hotel incidents and tasks, connecting employees, assigning tasks from one department to another automatically.

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Task Executor

Carry out tasks

Employees who carry out the different types of requests, will automatically receive new requests and can report once they have been completed.

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Monitoring, verifying and supervising

Ensures the correct attention is given to guest requests and solving incidents: it tracks tasks in real time, defines SLA-s for different tasks...

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Understanding and continuous improvement

All the information is used for daily planning and organization, to identify proposals for continuous improvement and opportunities, etc …

How it Works?

Very simple to use and easy to learn, you will be able to take advantage of it from the first day.

Do you want to know about the use and benefits? Contact us and one of our team will explain it to you without any obligation.

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Take a look at our videos and other resources to understand how it works better and to see what benefits it can bring to your hotel HMobile SERVICES

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Dated procedures have been improved (paper and telephone calls), requests made by the different Hotel departments (Housekeeping, F&B, Front-Office ...) as well as by the guests themselves, are received immediately by the different people in charge, decreasing the time needed to solve them and improving guest satisfaction.
From a simple request for a change of towels, to communicating an incident.

Alfonso del Rosal Fajardo

Systems Director
ADH Hoteles

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HMobile is the main hotel operations software platform in Spain, and has clients from all over the world.


Room cleaning managed daily.


Requests for services and tasks managed in the last year.


Hotel employees working as a team.


LHW hotels in Spain use HMobile to manage their operations.

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