Novedad Registra y controla los consumos de sábanas, tollas y amenities de manera sencilla.

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HMobile - Housekeeping

Save time improving the operations of the housekeeping department

Plan and assign daily cleaning in 15 minutes.

Reduce unnecessary calls and trips. Everything from your mobile phone or room phone.

Order amenities and repair parts from technical services on the spot.

Manage periodic cleanings, bed-linen and amenities consumptions, manage found items...

Hundreds of hotels and housekeepers use HMobile to improve Housekeeping department

Benefits for the housekeeping department

Save the HSK Manager and supervisors between 10% - 15% of their time by reducing phone calls, unnecessary walking around the hotel, interruptions, etc.

Plan and assign daily cleaning in 15 minutes

Save time each morning, reduce the difficulties of fitting the "puzzle" together each day. Plan and allocate equitably taking into account occupancy, maid workloads, linen changes etc.

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Manage guests' requests prior to arrival

Streamline the management of guest requests, and ensure that everyone gets what they asked for when they arrive in their room. First impressions are crucial!

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Mark the room as done in one click, or from the room telephone

If the maids have mobiles, great. If not, great too. HMobile connects +60 room phone brands with +150 PMS to be able to dial cleaning status changes directly.

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Keep track of progress and rooms to be validated, saving you travel time

No more walkie talkie, no more noise, no more unnecessary trips. HMobile shows you at any time the progress of the cleaning and the list of rooms to supervise or validate.

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Order amenities or repair parts to maintenance department on the spot.

We know that preparing a room goes beyond cleaning. Speed up the resolution of incidents by collaborating with other departments in a simple way.

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See and mark requests from clients such as DND and MUR

Maids and housekeepers can see the rooms marked with DND for better organisation, or receive requests to clean or not to clean the room.

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Send rooms to reception at the click of a button

No calls to reception, no calls from reception. HMobile integrates with +150 PMS sending cleaning status changes to reception in real time.

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Get reports and statistics on room preparation

What are the cleaning times for the suites? And what are the average cleaning times for each maid? And how many rooms were cleaned last month? Answer these and other questions, and share the reports in a simple way with the people in the hotel you consider.

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Easily records and controls consumption of linen, amenities and other consumables

Records consumption, theft, breakages, laundry discards, etc.

See total consumption, by occupancy or compare with budget.

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And furthermore:

Manage periodic cleaning of rooms and common areas

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Make minibar charges in a simple way

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Oversees complaints related to cleanliness

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Easy management of lost property

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List of functionalities for the Housekeeping department

HMobile integrates with over 150 PMS to facilitate day-to-day operations

HMobile is the leading hotel operations software platform in Spain, with customers all over the world.


Room cleaning managed daily.


Requests for services and tasks managed last year.


Hotel employees working as a team.


Of the LHW Hotels in Spain use HMobile Staff to manage their operations.

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