About Us

Experienced team in hotel technology

25 years ago we started to help Hotels by developing software solutions. You know us as char and, starting with the communication systems, we evolved to successfully solve the integration between the different systems, equipment and devices of the hotel.

From there on, we have continued working and evolving very closely with Hotels and Hotel Groups, providing the latest technologies to support them with business challenges, helping them improve their operations, staff productivity and guests satisfaction.

Now, through the HMobile concept, all this experience has resulted in innovative solutions such as:

HMobile Connect: The integration engine between the PMS and the rest of the hotel systems (PBX, IPTV, Home automation / automation, Access Control, etc.). 

HMobile Staff: The operations platform that connects all the employees of the Hotel and coordinates their activities, allowing them to improve their productivity and the satisfaction of the guests.

HMobile Internet Manager: The solution that makes it easy to manage customers’ internet connection experience and avoid problems for employees.

HMobile MobileKey: Easy integration with the guest APP to have the key in their mobile whatever the brand of door lock used.

Today, our software solutions are implemented in 90% of the Hotels in Spain.


Your hotel connected and under control