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1. Introduction

We call "works" or "chained tasks" to groups of requests in which different departments can participate and which can be configured as a group of requests for different types of service.

By manually launching the first request, the rest of the tasks will be launched automatically following the rules set for the "work". Each of the tasks that are launched will be seen by the department that has to execute them, and a notification will also sound on their phones. From that moment on, they will be treated like any other task.

This type of configuration can be useful for cases such as:

*General cleaning:

In the general cleanings several departments are usually involved. Maintenance dismantles curtains- foscurit, HKP performs the cleaning, F&B empties and cleans the minibar...

*Room service / Service pick up:

This is interesting to automatically launch the task for F&B personnel to pick up the service some time after a Room Service has been delivered.


HKP makes special decorations, Guest Experience writes a card, F&B serves champagne...

*Maintenance work involving several guilds:

There is a water leak where first a plumber has to go up to cut the water supply, then a bricklayer has to go up to make the wall accessible / close the hole, the painter has to go up when the wall is dry...

VIP Arrival

Below we explain the steps to be taken to set up one of these examples:

A VIP client is scheduled to arrive in a room 1010 and several departments have to perform tasks to prepare for his arrival:

2. STEP 1. Works / Chained Tasks configuration.

The application administrator in the Hotel configures the work that will consist of the following tasks

1. Public Relations department (GEX) launches the work with a first task called VIP Arrival in Room 1010.

2. This same department must create a welcome card when the initial task has been attended to.

3. The Maintenance department will set up a video game and multimedia system.

4. HKP department uploads special amenities to the room and decorates it in a special way. It will do so once Maintenance has finished assembling the multimedia system.

5. Room Service department must upload VIP amenities.

6. Minibar department must fill the minibar with PREMIUM items.

7. GEX checks that all tasks have been completed. This task will be performed 180 minutes after the job is launched.

8. Front Office Finish the task VIP arrival at check-in.

9. 15 minutes after the guest has checked in, Room Service department will upload ice.

ATTENTION: To be able to configure this work, each of the tasks that make it up must be previously configured in its corresponding class of service. You can see a video where we explain the management of tasks and service classes here:

To configure the work, access the SETTINGS menu → WORKS.

Once you have accessed the work configuration, create a new one by clicking on the + button and give a name to this work or grouping of tasks.

Next, add the tasks that will be part of the work. To do so, go to the TASKS tab and click on + NEW

Create the first task that will be the trigger for the work, in this case the GEX task, "VIP Arrival", with IMMEDIATE execution.

Similarly, add the rest of the tasks, considering the moment in which we want each one of them to be launched. In this case all the tasks will be marked as Guest Request so that they have priority.

The Room Services task "ICE SERVICE" must be done 15 minutes after check-in. Here is how you would set it up so that this task is automatically created 15 minutes after the completion of the "Checkin VIP" task. In order for the task "ICE SERVICE" to be launched, reception must complete its task "Checkin VIP" which appeared at the launch of the job.

2. STEP 2. Allocation.

In order for a job or chained task to be launched, it is necessary to indicate which user or users will have permission to initiate the requests that will set it in motion. In this way, only the users who are assigned to a job/chained task will be able to see it in the request creation window to launch it.

To create the assignments, go to the ASSIGNMENT tab and click on + NEW. In the window that appears we will look for the users and add them one by one.

4. STEP 3. Starting a work/chained task.

Works or chained tasks are launched just like any other task, both on the website and on the phone. Always keep in mind that only assigned users can do this.

To launch the task, access the main services view and follow the usual procedure. Remember that jobs can also be scheduled to be launched at the date and time we deem convenient.

In this way we have launched 10 tasks that will be launched automatically thus improving coordination between departments.