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Minibar Configuration

1. Introduction

To make charging and refilling minibars more manageable you can configure the Minibar Module through the “Settings” menu. In this guide we will show you how to do it.

2. Define Article Types.

You can define article types that later can be assigned to different minibar items. This will let you get sales reports grouped by Article Types allowing a better follow up of the sales made and a better understanding of guest´s preferences.

To do it, Select “Settings - article types”, press new, and write the category name of articles on sale in the minibar.

3. Customize and adapt minibar items.

Define the items available in your minibars.

To do it, select “Settings” and press on “items” in the drop-down menu.

For each minibar item you can define this options:

  • Code: could be a number code if you want the items to be displayed in a specific order, or could be the same item name if you want to have them in alphabetical order in the minibar screen.
  • PMS identifier: only for those PMS that have it. (PMS transaction code).
  • Items: name that you want to give an item.
  • Description: this is optional, is only for internal use and only the administrator user is able to read it.
  • Article type: food, beverage, merchandising …..
  • Cost: price paid by the hotel.
  • RPrice: final price to be paid by the guest for the item, including taxes.

When the form is filled in, press “create” or “create a new one” if you want to add more items to the minibar tool.

4. Define minibar types

In case you have different minibars models in the hotel (for example, if your hotel has different items or prices depending on the room category), you can create different types of minibars.

1 First Step: Create a new minibar type

Select “minibar types”, press “New”, write the name and description and press “create”

2 Second step: Add items to a minibar type

The next step necessary to configure the Minibar tool is to set up the products available in the different minibar types.

  • Select “minibar types”.
  • Check the minibar´s box that is going to be configured and press “add”
  • In the “Amount” column select the quantity of each item that the minibar has and click on "add”

5. Assign minibar type to rooms

If you have created different types of minibar it is necessary to assign the type of minibar to each room.

Press on “assign a minibar model to room” and select all the rooms with a similar minibar model.

Press on “assign selected item” and in the pop up window select one of the minibars displayed.

6. Parameters

With this option you can determine the time to wait before sending the charges to the PMS. During the defined time the charge is not posted to the guest account and it is possible to make cancellations in case of a mistake. Once the charge is posted to PMS it is only possible to cancel it from the PMS.

7. User notifications

HMobile Room Status allows the housekeepers supervisors and maids that use phone devices, to make an urgent request for a minibar review. In the “user notifications” screen it is possible to select those users who need to be notified of refill requests.