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Customer request management:

“Do Not Disturb”
“Make Up Room”
“Do Not Clean”

0. Introducction

When a guest requests not to be disturbed, to have the room cleaned or not to have the room cleaned, it is necessary that all hotel staff who have to carry out any task in the room are properly informed of this..

The following shows how HMobile helps to make this happen, thus streamlining internal work and improving guest service. Three main stages or moments are explained:

1. The guest makes the request

2. The request is shown in HMobile

3. Consultation of history in case of possible claims

Note: We will show an example of a case where a customer requests a "Do Not Disturb".

1. The guest makes the request

The guest can make the request mainly in two different ways:

1.1. From home automation system or from the hotel app

If the hotel has a domotic system in the room or a guest APP that allows the client to request the "do not disturb", he/she can do it directly.

In this case, the request is sent to HMobile automatically.

1.2. Placing a sign on the door of the room *

The client informs not to be disturbed by a sign on the door of the room.

In this case, any hotel employee who sees it can enter the request in HMobile from his or her mobile phone. This is done in the following simple way. *

* 1.2. Mark a room with "Do not disturb" in Room Status apk.

2. The request is shown in HMobile

The "Do Not Disturb" request is displayed in different modules and screens of HMobile, so that every hotel employee can see it at the moment he/she needs it:

2.1. Room Status

If a chambermaid has to prepare the room, before she goes to the room, she can already see in the room status that "Do not disturb" is displayed.

If a supervisor wants to see which rooms in the hotel are in "Do Not Disturb" status, she can apply a filter as shown in the image below.

In addition, when a supervisor returns to a room and finds that the sign is still in place, she can reflect this in the application. In this way, in the event of a complaint, the history will show at what time the sign was checked and who checked it.

2.2. Minibar

The operation is similar to Room Status but with one of the staff having to check/replenish the minibar.

2.3. Services

As in the other modules, it is also possible in Services to know that the customer has requested "do not disturb" when reviewing the details of a pending task.

3. Reset cleaning statuses in Night Audit

In order to reset or delete the client's request statuses at night, this option must be activated in the configuration section. To do this:

1On the Room Status website, go to Settings / Night Audit.

2Activate the desired options.

3Choose the time at which this action is to be carried out.

4. Consultation of history in case of possible claims

It may happen that a room has not been cleaned because of the Do Not Disturb sign and, afterwards, the customer complains that the room was not cleaned. At that moment, it is very useful to be able to check the room history to see possible reasons for not cleaning the room.

Let's see how we can obtain this information:

1On the Room Status website, go to Reports - DoNotDisturb/MakeUpRoom/DoNotClean.

2Suppose we want to see what requests there have been in room 02 on floor 0.

3We select the room and filter.

4We see the whole list of actions related to the "DoNotDisturb / MakeUpRoom / DoNotClean".

For example, in the animation above you see:

07:37: has been marked "Do Not Disturb" because the customer had put the sign on the door.

11:42: the supervisor re-tags the room with "Do Not Disturb" because the sign is still on.

15:12: the supervisor removes the "Do Not Disturb" because the sign is no longer on the door, and adds a comment that it can now be cleaned.