Updates | Version 2.4

In HMobile we are always looking for new ways to help the hotel team work in a  more coordinated and efficient way, providing excellent service to their guests. Let us present the latest features that we have incorporated into our tools.

1. Access from IOS and Andriod without installing the APP

Now you can access HMobile Staff using the web browser from your mobile devices (IOS and Android) without installing the APP. It will allow access from the IOS or Android web browser using the same address used to access from a PC to:

  • Check the general status on the Hotel Dashboard
  • Check and update the information in the Housekeeping, Minibar, Services and Opportunities modules
  • Create Services and opportunity requests
  • Install the Android APP directly from the web*

*Those users that require receiving notifications about new requests for Services (user who carry out task, supervisor) or changes in the Housekeeping status, or require working in the offline mode, will still need to install the Android APP to work with these notifications.

2. Faster and easier communication between Technical Services and Housekeeping

We have improved Services and Housekeeping/RoomStatus to help improve the communication between the Technical Services/Maintenance and the housekeeping staff even more.

  • The Technical Service / Maintenance staff can communicate that a room needs cleaning after it has been repaired or fixed, faster
  • The Housekeeping Manager and supervisors can quickly see that a room has a cleaning job pending.
3. More help for Housekeeping Managers and supervisors in RoomStatus/Housekeeping

Several improvements have been incorporated into the Housekeeping / RoomStatus module to speed up the work flow even more:

  • Notifying the supervisors the rooms that require cleaning urgently. Now, when activating the option of “urgent” in a room, the “supervising” users’ are sent a notification to their mobile phones. This is very useful because, for example, from reception they can indicate that a “planned entry” room needs to be cleaned immediately as the guest has already arrived.
  • Direct access from the Housekeeping APP to the ‘create new task’ screen  in Services. This is very useful while working on reviewing rooms, to be able to create requests for Services faster and easier.
  • Room category information has been added on both the Web and the Housekeeping APP, to have everything at hand.
4. More useful for all services users

We have improved Services to save time in daily tasks and to allow better prioritization of the work that needs to be done:

  • Now from the APP, like we have already been doing from the web, it is possible to enter several tasks for the same room or location quicker.
  • We have added a new “urgent” option that allows certain tasks or requests, even if they are not “client requests”, to be marked as “urgent”. This helps to manage both Client Requests and other types of Internal Tasks or requests between hotel departments.
  • We have introduced important changes in the Android APP to improve the timing of notifications to users and to reduce battery consumption.
5. Automatically sends reports by email

Now it is possible to “schedule” daily, weekly, monthly reports so they are sent by email. This is useful, for example, so that each department Manager can receive a summary of pending requests, etc.

6. More information on reservations and customers at your fingertips
  • Now it is possible to see in HMobile whether a room is a “Due In“, “Late Checkout” or the client’s board type, due to the automatic synchronization with the PMS data
  • Complete guest information for the current reservation and the following reservation for each room from the Web and the Housekeeping / Room Status and Minibar APP
7. Better control of user permissions

We have introduced improvements in user permissions that allow:

  • Control which modules each user can access. This is useful, for example, in hotels where the minibars are managed by an external company, to control that their personnel can only have access to the Minibar module.
  • Choose which users with the “supervisor” role of one or several Services categories can appear in the list of people to be assigned a task and who can not. This allows a supervisor to assign a task to another supervisor but, in addition, it is possible to define users that can review tasks (Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director ) that do not have to appear in the list of possible people to assign a task to.

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