To make it easier for the hotel to configure and start using this module, once the module has been activated in the configuration, some examples will be shown.

1. Access to configuration: #

The Blank and Consumables Management functionality is integrated within Room Status, for ease of operation. And access to the configuration is done from here:

  • Room Status > Blanks and Consumables > Configuración

2. Define categories: #

To facilitate the organization of all the items to be managed, categories can be created to group these items. For example:

  • Linens
  • Towels
  • Amenities
  • Cleaning products

These categories can be of 2 types:

2.1. Reusables

  • Products in the category can be reused. They may have a reuse cost, such as laundering, and a purchase cost. They are for example sheets, towels, bathrobes, etc.

2.2. Disposables

  • The products in the category are not reusable. For example; amenities, cleaning products, etc.

In the following video you can see how categories are created:

3. Define items: #

Within each category you can create as many articles as you need. To do this, choose the category in which you want to add articles from the menu on the left, and click the “New article” button:

3.1. Purchase cost

  • It is the cost of that product to the hotel when it is purchased.
  • Adding this information allows you to generate cost reports for the hotel.

3.2. Reuse cost

  • This is the cost that an item may have, e.g. for washing.
  • This field is only displayed for items whose category is “Reusable”.
  • For example, if the laundry is outsourced, the laundry cost for each type of garment can be entered. In this way, cost reports can be generated and compared with the delivery notes sent by the supplier.

4. Define consumable groups: #

We know that there are many consumable items in the hotel, and defining “consumable groups” helps in daily operations. Let’s see an example:

  • Hotel A” has 20 types of sheets and 20 types of towels.
  • However, in the hotel’s double rooms, there are always:
    • 3 types of sheets
    • 3 types of towels
  • If a “Group of consumables” called “Double Rooms” (for example) is defined, and this group is assigned to this type of rooms, when the person in charge is going to check the consumption of a double room, HMobile will only show the list of 3 sheets and 3 towels, speeding up the selection and daily operations.

In the following video you can see how “consumable groups” are created:

This step is optional, you can use this module without doing it. However, it can greatly speed up the operation.

5. Assigns groups of consumables for each room type: #

Once you have created “consumable groups”, you have to assign these groups to the hotel rooms. This can be done in 2 ways:

5.1. Assign one at a time

Groups are assigned one by one on the room list:

5.2. Assign several at once

The list of rooms that meet the desired criteria is filtered, all rooms are chosen from the list, and a consumable group is assigned to them:

This step is optional, you can use this module without doing it. However, it can greatly speed up the operation.
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