Add Consumes

Add Consumes

1. From the mobile – Android App: #

1.1. Records daily consumption

Adding or recording daily consumption from the HMobile application is very simple. Follow the steps below:

  • Enter Room Status
  • Select a room
  • Click on consumables
  • Add the consumptions of each item in that location.
If the location has a “consumables group” assigned to it, only the categories and items in that group will be displayed.

1.2. Records Thefts, Breakages and Discards

  • Thefts: to record when a towel, bathrobe etc. has been stolen.
  • Breakages: to record when an item has been broken.
  • Discards: in case of working with an external laundry, discards are marked to mark quantities of items that have not been received optimally.

1.3. Item limits

If the quantity of an item is defined for a room (see more information), an information message is displayed at check-in if this quantity has been exceeded.

1.4. Select locations

When accessing the screen for marking consumptions, the location that was selected in Room Status is selected by default. This location can be changed on this screen at any time. In addition, you can choose:

  • Any specific room or location.
  • Any grouping of locations (floors, sections, entire hotel, etc.) that are defined in HMobile’s main location settings.

1.5. View and delete records of the day

In this same screen, you can consult at any time the records made that day in the selected location. In addition, if a record has been made by mistake, it can be deleted from this list of records (it will still be displayed, but as a deleted record).

2. From the mobile – Web Mobile: #

If HMobile is used from the mobile with any browser, the functionality and usage options are the same as from the app. To access the consumption records screen:

  • Open Room Status
  • Select the desired room
  • In the information screen, go to the section
  • Click on “Add consumption” or “view daily records” as desired.

3. From web desktop: #

You can also add consumptions from the desktop web version. To access the add consumption screen:

  • Open Room Status
  • Consumables > Add Record
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