Save views

Save views

1. Introduction #

In Periodic Tasks you can see different views and reports depending on what you need at any given moment. And in all these screens you can save views with the filters you use most frequently, so you can have the information you need in a click. This functionality is in all these screens:

  • Executions > Executions list > List view
  • Executions > Executions list > Calendar view
  • Executions > Pending work by location or asset
  • Planning > Periodic tasks list
  • Planning > Scheduled jobs overview
  • Reports > Consumption Report
  • Reports > Readings and checks carried out

2. Save views #

To be able to save one or more views, follow the steps below:

  • Access any of the screens where this functionality is available.
  • Select the filters you want on that screen.
  • Press the “Filter” button.
  • Once the view has been filtered, the “Save view” option is displayed.
  • Press the “Save view” button.
  • Enter the name of the view.
  • Choose the “Visibility of the view”:
    • Only for me: this view will be accessible only to you.
    • For all users: all Periodic Tasks users will be able to see this view.

3. Update views #

Once the views are saved, you can update them as many times as you want. Who can update-modify a view?

  • Each user can modify the views they have created, whether they are for their own use or for common use.
  • Administrator users may modify any view.

3.1. Change Name / Delete

  • Select the view you want to modify in the “Views” tab.
  • At the top, the name of the view is displayed, with the options to edit and delete the view.

3.2. Update the filters of a view

  • Select the view you want to modify in the “Views” tab.
  • Click on the “Filters” tab to see the list of filters. In this case, the view is still active.
  • Select or modify the filters you want.
  • When you change the filters, the “Refresh view” option is displayed.
  • Click on “Refresh view”.
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