Periodic Cleaning and Turning of Mattresses

Periodic Cleaning and Turning of Mattresses

1. Introduction #

Rotating and turning mattresses in the rooms is something that has to be done in every room, but it can happen that the time to do it is different from the planned time because it gets dirty or because the room is occupied when it is time to turn the mattress, because of lack of staff etc.

Let’s look at an example where we are going to assume:

  • That all mattresses in the rooms have to be turned every 90 days. In other words, a mattress cannot go more than 3 months without being turned and turned over.
  • The housekeeper will have predefined the regular mattress turning task for all rooms and will assign the work to the chambermaids according to the workload or if there have been exceptional “events” that have triggered the need to turn the mattresses before the 3 month limit has passed.

2. Set Scheduled Task. #

A scheduled task is set up with the following:

  1. Periodicity: Monthly – Every 3 months (Flexible period).
  2. Start date: The next deadline by which you want the first mattress turning cycle to be completed. For example, if you have just flipped all the mattresses in the hotel, you would set the start date to 3 months from now, so that the executions that will be created will have this start date as the deadline.
  3. The option “Flexible period” is selected so that the system, as each room is being flipped, automatically calculates the deadline for the next flip of that room based on the actual date of the last flip. More details on this point below.
  4. In the “Actions” section, the action “flip and rotate mattresses” will be added.
  5. All rooms will be added in the “Locations” section.

Flexible period

Not Activated

If you want each run to be launched exactly in the defined period from the initial date of the task, regardless of the actual date each run takes place.


If you want the date of the next run to be calculated relative to the actual date on which the last run took place, at the end of one run.

In this case, as we have the task planned every 3 months with a start date of 19 January:

  • If the actual execution for a room ends on 27 January:
  • If ‘Flexible Period’ is deactivated: The next execution is triggered for the 19th of April.
  • If ‘Flexible Period’ is activated: The next execution is launched on 27th April.

When this scheduled task is activated, the system will generate a Turn and Rotate run for each room included in the locations with a due date on the specified start date.

3. Daily allocation of mattresses to be turned over #

Each day, the housekeeper can see the pending “Mattress turning and rotation” executions and assign the ones she wants to be done to the corresponding chambermaid. You can select several from the list and assign them all at once, or you can do it one by one.

4. Waitress sees on her mobile phone the turns she has to make and marks them as done. #

5. The following mattresses are due in 3 months’ time #

6. Mattress turning and rotation report #

6.1. List with details of executions carried out between 2 dates

6.2. Consult the actions carried out in a given room between 2 dates

It is usual that for quality audits or process controls it is necessary to be able to review at a given moment which actions of periodic cleaning, mattress turning, etc., have been carried out in a specific room in a given period of time. It is possible to obtain this information in the list of executions and obtain an excel with all the details in the following way.

6.3. Table of rooms in which mattress turning has been carried out every day of the month

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