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Organize, record and verify the periodic and preventive tasks of your hotel:

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Control of Legionella

Performs maintenance and control of legionella to comply with the RD 865/2003 and UNE 100030-2017 and / or other local laws.

Contadores Icon

Electricity consumption reading

Plans, records and controls electricity consumption..

Piscinas Icon

Spas and Pools

Plans, manages and records the pool’s control parameters, to comply with the RD 742/2013 and / or other local laws.

Mantenimiento Preventivo Legionela Icon

Preventive Maintenance

Plans and manages preventive maintenance to ensure quality and optimal conditions in the installations..

Limpieza Periodica Icon

Periodic cleanings

Plans, manages and records periodic cleaning tasks such as cleaning windows or flipping mattresses.

There are a large number of predefined categories and report types that you can customize to your hotel needs.

Main Benefits

HMobile Services Beneficio Elimina Llamadas

Creates and manages daily, weekly and monthly tasks

HMobile Services Beneficios Garantiza

Enter data and tasks carried out directly from the phone

HMobile Services Beneficios Tiempo Respuesta

Save time by eliminating paper, excel sheets...

HMobile Services Beneficios Averias

Assigns tasks automatically

HMobile Housekeeping Reduce Tiempos Icon

Oversees the implementation easily

HMobile Services Beneficios Tiempos

Manages the periodic task for all departments

HMobile Housekeeping Reduce Tiempos Icon

Generates reports and statistics

HMobile Services Beneficios Imprimir

Alerts for values ​​out of range

Save up to 10% of supervisors and maintenance workers time by avoiding duplicities and unnecessary recordings.

Calculate the time and cost savings you can have in your hotel

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Experience and Cycle of Use

HMobile Tareas Periodicas

Head of Area


Schedule tasks by defining the frequency, the actions needed to be done and the location.

Example 1: Flip mattress in the first-floor rooms, every 3 months.

Example 2: daily control of the PH in all the pools. Daily meter reading.

HMobile Tareas Periodicas

Head of Area


Choose who is responsible for each type of task when creating them, and then the system will automatically assign task to those responsible.

Make changes to the assignments of each task easily and quickly. .

HMobile Tareas Periodicas

Task Executor

Carry out Tasks

Employees will be able to see the list of tasks they have assigned to them, every day on their mobile phones.

They will be able to introduce information directly from their mobile phones and mark the task as done.

HMobile Tareas Periodicas

Head of Area


The person in charge of the task, will be able to view the status of it at all times, through the computer or on a mobile phone.

HMobile Tareas Periodicas

Head of Area

Reports and Statistics

The application generates reports and a detailed summary of:

• Completed tasks.

• Pending consumptions and values.

• Official health inspection reports, etc.

How it Works?

Very simple to use and easy to learn, you will be able to take advantage of it from the first day.

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