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The hotel in the palm of your hand.Dashboard receives and integrates the information from the HMobile modules on a simple screen and allows you to know the status of the different operations of the Hotel at all times.

Main Benefits

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All relevant information on operations on one screen.

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Indicators of urgent or critical situations for anticipation.

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Greater tranquility and more time when having the hotel under control.

Save the HSK Manager and supervisors between 10% - 15% of their time by reducing phone calls, unnecessary walking around the hotel, interruptions, etc.

Experience and Cycle of Use

Management and area manager

The state of the hotel on a screen

Know the state of the hotel at a glance in real time and find out about any incident that requires attention:

  • Cleaning progress, and arrivals without rooms.
  • Unattended requests
  • Time limit requests exceeded
  • Open claims

Management and area manager

The hotel in the palm of your hand

The hotel in the palm of your hand,
understand the situation at any
place and at any time:

Management and area manager

Information on urgent situations

Anticipate incidents before
they get to the guests.

Management and area manager

Continuous understanding and improvement

Earn in peace and time
having all the information
centralized, and knowing that you
team also has it.

How it Works?

Take a look at our videos and other resources to understand how it works better and to see what benefits it can bring to your hotel HMobile DASHBOARD

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HMobile has allowed us to raise the experience of our guests thanks to the features used by our Guest Experience department, and has been a key tool to improve the efficiency in the most operational departments of the hotel: Housekeeping, Minibars and Maintenance.

Tomeu Fiol

Global Hotel Technologies Director Meliá Hotels International
ADH Hoteles

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* Free tool with the purchase of any HMobile product

HMobile is the main hotel operations software platform in Spain, and has clients from all over the world.


Room cleaning managed daily.


Requests for services and tasks managed in the last year.


Hotel employees working as a team.


LHW hotels in Spain use HMobile to manage their operations.

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