HMobile Integrations

Save time by automating the reading of all types of meters and parameters of your hotel


Automate the reading of your hotel's water, electricity and gas meters.

Swimming pools

Measure PH, chlorine level, temperature and all the parameters you need automatically.


Measure the temperatures of the fridge, humidity and the necessary parameters to ensure the good condition of them.


Measure the pressure and temperature of the hotel's boilers to ensure their proper functioning.

Which measurements would you like to automate in your hotel?

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Very easy to use, so you can take advantage of it from the first day

1. Sensors

Install the sensors you need

Place the sensors in the places of the hotel where needed.

If you are not sure, we can advise you on sensor suppliers.

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2. Connect them to HMobile

Connect sensors with HMobile

In a few simple steps, connect the sensors to HMobile.

Defines the periodicity and time of the measurements of each parameter.

And that's it! It performs the measurements automatically.

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3. See measurements

View detailed reports for all automated measurements.

Values of all sensors.

Specific reports of out-of-range values.

Email notifications of out-of-range values.

Manage corrective tasks easily.

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We integrate HMobile with various sensor systems

Contact us if you want more information about the systems or sensors with which HMobile is integrated..

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HMobile is the leading hotel operations software platform in Spain, with customers all over the world.


Room cleaning managed daily.


Requests for services and tasks managed last year.


Hotel employees working as a team.


Of the LHW Hotels in Spain use HMobile Staff to manage their operations.

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